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Prime Education is one of the best NGO where you can volunteer, Sponsor Education. Educate a Child. Education for Girls, Education for Poor, Nutrition for Children.

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Being a National level voluntary organization, the Prime Education Society in its perspective planning policies, has adopted the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

Who We Are...

Prime Education Society is one of the fast growing NGO in the field of health, livelihood, education and empowerment, primarily devoted towards the development of scheduled caste, scheduled tribe,, women, children, small and marginal workers, families living below poverty line, slum dwellers and other deprived sections of society.




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Keeping in view our Mission and visionary aspects, the PRIME EDUCATION SOCIETY has dedicated itself towards such activities which are supportive of its mission objectives

Our Key Features

Right from its inception in the year 1996, Prime Education Society have worked tirelessly and successfully completed projects towards achieving its mission objectives.


Let's build a better future by choosing to be a good NGO Sponsor today. We are open for sponsorships for the upliftment of the society.

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Your donations have changed lives. A small amount can change the life of a people through education, nutrition, and basic protection.

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We need volunteers to help us develop specific projects or to commit themselves on a long-term basis. We need your help.


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